Hello, my name is Victor…

Hello, my name is Victor Borsukevich and I am the manager here at Enjoy Better Coffee, Inc. Welcome to our new blog!

First of all I would like to congratulate Katie Rowswell, our main contributor and blog editor for doing a great job with putting together this blog. Thank you Katie, and I think you enjoy doing this.

I love European coffee – that was a main trigger and my motivation to start this company. I hope we will find a lot of people sharing our same passion for coffee and who will want to share with us their experiences on our blog.  

Again, welcome!  I am looking forward to your questions and comments.

In a meantime, please visit our website  to see the large variety of coffee we have to offer.

9 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Victor…

  1. Hi Leane,

    We are glad you found us too! If you are a new customer to our site, be sure to take advantage of our First Time Buyer coupon. You can find out about that coupon on our home page. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter there, which will tell you about other specials and have more information about our coffees. Thanks!


  2. The Unknown

    Twice before I ordered Aroma Rood Instant, but received different ones. I stopped ordering from you. I am receptive to order again, assuming I will be notified ahead of time when you ran out of certain item or the reason why you can not fill my order.

    I still prefer the ones actually roasted in Holland. Could you specify which ones are in your website please?


    1. You were ordering Aroma Red instant coffee and that is what you were received (we do not have a note from you that we shipped the wrong item). Aroma Red instant is the same as Aroma Rood instant coffee made in Holland by Douwe Egberts. The only difference is the packaging that is made for international markets, like the USA.
      Currently, we do not have this coffee in stock; we do have available Douwe Egberts Pure Gold instant coffee. Aroma Rood instant should be back in about two months.
      Unfortunately, we do not have an automated system to notify you when it is back. We will try to email you when we have some again. If you get our newsletter, we try to mention that type of information. You can sign up for the newsletter near the bottom of the home page of EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.


      1. The Unknown

        Thanks for your reply, Victor. I was confused with the ground coffee with the instant. Anyway you have the records to show the discrepency of my past orders. Yes, indee I would appreciate an email notice when you do have any roasted in Holland. Thanks.


      2. We will let you know when Aroma Rood instant will be available again. We are expecting this coffee in the middle of May. If you are looking for ground coffee roasted in Holland, than we have Aroma Rood ground and whole beans as well as Excellent and Select Aroma ground. Thanks!


  3. Martha

    Congrats on the new site! looks great. I love the cappacinos and douwe egberts coffee. This is the only place i get coffee. Thanks!


  4. Julia

    ThIs is a great site! I love the coffee and am always greatly satisfied with it. Prices can never be beat! I will always purchase coffee here! Thank you for everything! 🙂


  5. Nina

    Congratulation on your new blog! I love good European coffee too and thanks to your company I have exceptional coffee in my kitchen. Good luck.


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