Skating on the Canals in Holland

We often write about Holland in our newsletters because it is the home of Douwe Egberts.  In addition, I have had a personal interest in Dutch culture after my husband and I lived in Amsterdam for a couple years in the early 90’s.  One of the many things about The Netherlands (another name for Holland) that I liked was the maze of canals that ran through so many of the streets.  The winters, while  cold with occasional dustings of snow, never seemed to cause the canals to freeze (which I thought was odd, since they weren’t very deep–sometimes just a couple feet, even if it did look deep).  From the locals, I would hear about skating on the canals long ago when the canals used to freeze.  I assumed it was mostly racing on the canals, as the country does produce a fair number of Olympic speed skaters.  When I ran across this video on a WordPress blog, I was immediately taken in by the view as the cameraman skates along great sections of canal.  The other skaters, and the spectators, are worth seeing.  The music fits perfectly too!   Check it out here.

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