Coffee: Restaurant Brewing vs Home Brewing

The question our customer support gets most often is along the line of this: “I was in a restaurant and had the best coffee I ever tasted in my life. They told me It was Douwe Egberts. I had the decaf and it was equally as tasty. What coffee I should buy that is similar to the one I had in the restaurant?”

Unfortunately the answer is not as simple as you would think.  Restaurants use liquid coffee concentrate that is diluted in special commercial coffee makers. Neither the machine nor the coffee concentrate is available for home use. Moreover, there is no coffee like the food service version in the retail variety options.  We always suggest trying the Douwe Egberts Excellent Aroma or Select Aroma as they both are similar to the restaurant version. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee its similarity with restaurant coffees, but it is delicious!

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Share your knowledge – help others!  And, as always, enjoy better coffee!

One thought on “Coffee: Restaurant Brewing vs Home Brewing

  1. Sue

    I come closest to making “high-end restaurant quality” coffee at home when I use Douwe Egberts or Dallmayr Prodomo in a cold brew coffee toddy. The Toddy makes a liquid concentrate that I refrigerate. I add hot water when I make each cup of coffee. It’s the smoothest cup of coffee I can make at home.


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