A Tea for All Seasons

I have always enjoyed tea.  I first drank tea as a pre-teen, having it with milk and a little sugar (just how I like my coffee today).  It sort of felt like drinking coffee too, as if I was almost grown-up.  Having been married to a British man for almost 19 years, I have drunk a lot of tea, a whole lot of tea, in that time.  The first time I met his mother, every time she offered me tea, I accepted it so as to not offend.  By dinner time, I had consumed at least 6 mugs of tea over the afternoon.  (It is absolutely true that the British love their tea more than any other beverage, except maybe lager!)

I have a friend who really likes tea, but will only drink it in the winter.  He says that tea is for cold weather.  I heartily disagree, in part because I love a cup of Pickwick pepermunt tea in the evenings.  (Pepermunt is the best mint tea – full of flavor!  If you like mint tea, you must try it.)  But, I also think tea in general is a refreshing and soothing and relaxing beverage experience.

With winter ending, what do you think?  Do you drink hot tea all year round, or is it a seasonal beverage in your house?

However you like it, as always, enjoy better tea!


2 thoughts on “A Tea for All Seasons

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