Coffee Review: Douwe Egberts’ Aroma Rood

One of Douwe Egberts’ most popular coffees is Aroma Rood (pronounced “rote”, Dutch for “red”, which we suspect refers to the packaging).  Why is it so popular, you may ask?  Well, for one, it is often served in restaurants, from casual places to fine dining establishments.  As a medium roast, it is intended to appeal to a wide group of coffee drinkers.  Most importantly, it is popular because of its consistency in flavor.  Those who love Aroma Rood use the same words to describe it:  Balanced (flavor and acidity), aromatic, smooth, rich.  Many drink it without milk or sugar (even when they normally use milk and sugar) because of Aroma Rood’s own special sweetness.  The combination of strong Robusta beans and aromatic Arabica beans come together in a symphony of flavor through the Douwe Egberts’ roasting process.

We here at Enjoy Better Coffee like it because of all these characteristics.  Aroma Rood is one of our best sellers, and honestly, when we get a new shipment, it is one of the first that we sell out quickly.  We like it for being a great, full-flavor alternative to dark roast coffees.  For us, it has a very real coffee taste, the taste that we want to enjoy as we make our way through the day.  Our owner Victor says he would drink this coffee all the time.

We offer this coffee ground and in whole bean, which from comments on the web appears hard to find.  We have an assortment of sizes, too, so there is something for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Coffee Review: Douwe Egberts’ Aroma Rood

  1. No no no, I drink this everyday at the office (because this is what they have). The problem is that, it’s really cheap and that is why it is one of the best sellers. Come on people! It is sold because it represents a nice balance between price and taste (and caffeine in it from Robusta beans). For sure this is not one of the best out there : try Douwe Egberts Black or L’OR or Lavazza and then come back to this, no way.


    1. Hi Vlad,

      We love strong convictions about coffee! Aroma Rood is very well-priced and honestly, we sell it quickly when we have it, including to our wholesale customers. Douwe Egberts Black, L’OR and Lavazza are all great coffees, all of which I personally enjoy. That is the great thing about coffee – there are so many to try and to enjoy, everyone can find the taste he likes best! Thanks for the post!


  2. Hi there!

    We are so glad you found us!! Belgium is such a lovely country; we spent some of our honeymoon in Brugges; I still have a lace bookmark I treasure from there.

    The Douwe Egberts process is special, and I love that the company is so eco-friendly.

    We love helping people enjoy better coffee!


  3. Will Peeters

    I’m originally from Belgium and often made a trip across the border into Holland to get me this Aroma Rood(red), in my opinion the best coffee on the market. We had Douwe Egberts too in Belgium but in Holland they do a better job roasting it light brown, not dark.
    Now that I live in Texas I’m all too pleased to have found a supplier. Sure beats $1,000 trips to Belgium to get some. But I still go for my chocolates though. Now I have more room for those and I order the coffee from
    I made a friend of mine here in the States aware of this Aroma Rood. He’s a fervent coffee lover who used to work at Starbucks but admitted freely this was much better than anything he ever tasted at Starbucks. I couldn’t agree more, of course.
    If you want to taste how coffee should taste, this is it. “symphony of flavor through the Douwe Egberts’ roasting process”. I couldn’t agree more strongly.


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