Coffee Reviews Here!

We will start publishing the first of the reviews of our coffees this week. We invite you to be a guest blogger and review one of your favorites from our site! Post a comment here or send an email to As always, we want you to Enjoy Better Coffee!


2 thoughts on “Coffee Reviews Here!

  1. Ann

    Dear Jacobs krónung I am a big fan of your coffee but i was so disapointed when I didn’t get a cup when it was included when you bought the coffee i looked at every store that sell jacobs krónung but nothing so everytime i visit my friends i am reminded that when they drink out of their cup because I love your coffee so much that told myself that i wanted a cup of my own , if you could let me know where i could get one.


    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the note. We are, not Jacobs. Unfortunately, we do not have the popular Jacobs mugs that everyone wants! Try contacting Jacobs directly. Good luck!


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