Coffee Review: Douwe Egberts’ Select Aroma

Have you ever had a cup of coffee in a restaurant that just tasted so good, so flavorful, so perfect at the end of your meal?  I think we all have had that experience.  Sometimes, I thought it was more about having just had a great meal, good company and a tasty dessert that made the coffee taste just right.  But now I know better…

I was initially surprised to learn that Douwe Egberts’ coffees are commonly served in fine restaurants!  I always love walking into any restaurant and smelling the brewing coffee, a smell that gives me pleasant and enjoyable thoughts.  Having tried Douwe Egberts Select Aroma to write this review, I suspect I had been having Douwe Egberts coffee in restaurants far more often than I realized.

Select Aroma comes in the brand’s new packaging:  Silver-colored (for the Aroma blend) soft-side package, with a solid bottom and box-top lid.  A gold-foil cover seals in the coffee.

According to the package, the coffee has a gentle taste with a refined aroma and that great fun begins when you squeeze the pack!  Open it and discover the enticing aroma, the packaging beckons.  I found that the coffee does have a lovely aroma.  Right from the package, it has a fresh and strong aroma, but definitely not overpowering.  I thought it smelled just as coffee should.

Brewing it in my drip coffeemaker, I found the ground version to be the right texture for the drip maker.  After a few moments of drinking in the aroma, I took a few sips.  This coffee is smooth!  While it smells strong and dark, it has a mild flavor and a very satisfying flavor.  It tastes as good as it smells, which reminds me exactly of coffee in a restaurant.  I would drink it as a daily coffee, and I would serve it to guests on special occasions.  It is not the least expensive of the Douwe Egberts brand, but it is well-priced so you can have it for daily drinking and special events. sells Select Aroma in ground 8.8oz packages for $7.49; we also sell these in cases of 12, which will save you over 60 cents per package.

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As always, enjoy better coffee!

Coffee Review: Tchibo Exclusive

I have always loved the smell of coffee. I remember my mother boiling the grounds in a pan on the stove with an egg shell (anyone remember that method?), and I loved how the aroma permeated the kitchen, then the house, and reminded me that everyone would be in the kitchen soon.

The aroma of the brewed coffee is what I noticed most about the Tchibo Exclusive coffee.  Tchibo (pronounced Chee-bo) is a German coffee roaster that has long been selling coffee via mail-order.  Today, they have a chain of coffee shops stocked with products from their other enterprises (electronics, clothing, household items).  They describe Exclusive on the label as having “rich flavour, full aroma” and “with the spirit of South America”.  The description of the roast refers to it as “mood enhancing.”  The ground coffee comes in a soft package with a thicker foil lining.  The coffee itself was darker than I expected for a medium roast.
The scent of the ground coffee also reminded me of a darker roast coffee, yet was still mild.  I expected this to be a typical medium roast coffee.

I brewed it in my conventional drip coffee maker.  Drinking it, I immediately noticed that it was extremely smooth, and very mild – much more so than I expected.  I like milk or cream in my coffee, and I noticed that the milk seemed to really compliment the gentle
flavor of the Exclusive.

Tchibo Exclusive is a good, everyday coffee, but equally suited to be served to guests.  It is that aroma that lets you know it is a
quality coffee.  I found the smoothness of the coffee ‘goes down a treat’ (as my British husband says about food and drink he particularly enjoys), and a big reason I enjoyed it.  Have you tried Exclusive?  What do you think?

As always, Enjoy Better Coffee!

Best Travel Mugs?

In keeping with trying to cut costs, I like to use a travel mug so the coffee I make at home can go with me.  (Plus, I get to have my favorite blends!)

What I am finding, unfortunately, is that nothing keeps the coffee hot!  That is a big disappointment.  So, I ask…any recommendations for the best coffee travel mugs?  The mug must keep it hot, and it must not spill or leak.  Is that too much to ask?

Any and all recommendations are appreciated!  Thanks!