Best Travel Mugs?

In keeping with trying to cut costs, I like to use a travel mug so the coffee I make at home can go with me.  (Plus, I get to have my favorite blends!)

What I am finding, unfortunately, is that nothing keeps the coffee hot!  That is a big disappointment.  So, I ask…any recommendations for the best coffee travel mugs?  The mug must keep it hot, and it must not spill or leak.  Is that too much to ask?

Any and all recommendations are appreciated!  Thanks!

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  1. Mandy

    I am late with a comment to this post, but I wanted to weigh in…I found the best travel mug a few months ago. It’s a Thermos brand no-spill stainless steel travel mug I found at Target. It comes with our without a handle, and has a button at the top that can be pressed to vacuum seal it and ensure no spills. It keeps my coffee hot until almost lunchtime, and it also has a multiyear warranty! I am so thrilled with it that we have discarded the rest of our leaky travel mugs, and I will be getting another one of these for my husband. It was more expensive than typical mugs at around $25, but worth it if I have it for years.


  2. Hi Sue,

    Thanks for asking! I am embarassed to say I have realized a big part of the problem has turned out to be my coffeemaker…can you believe it??!!

    I started to think that after trying the new mug for the first time, and in a couple hours, it had become lukewarm when I sipped it the first time. The next morning, I tried a sip of coffee immediately from the maker (a Cuisinart with a center tank that holds the brewed coffee and a lever to dispense it directly into a cup) amd found that it was a tad hot, but still easily drunk.

    Today, a colleague allowed me to try coffee using his Trudeaucorp mug. It was almost 3 hours after pouring, and the coffee was hot, but still a good temperature for drinking. I was impressed that it kept it that hot after that long, so I still have high hopes for the mug I bought. I need to try it with hot coffee to start. I am now on the hunt for the best coffeemaker. Any suggestions?



  3. Update: I have ordered a mug recommended by someone who sent me an email. He claims it keeps his coffee hot for hours, sometimes even until the next morning when he goes to clean it! Look for a review in the future. Thanks, everyone!


  4. Martha

    My turquoise Scripps College travel mug is the best I have ever used. It keeps my Ricore hot for a couple of hours, and even thought I have used it every day since December 2010, it has never leaked. No manufacturer is identified on the mug, but the I am sure you could call the college bookstore in Claremont, CA.


    1. Hi Martha,
      Thanks for the tip. I googled Scripps mugs and ended up on the Claremont College page. The one shown there has a white body over stainless steel. I wish they had a picture of the top – in the picture, it is difficult to tell what the drink opening mechanism is. I had never heard of this brand for mugs. Thanks, again!


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