Coffee Review: Tchibo Exclusive

I have always loved the smell of coffee. I remember my mother boiling the grounds in a pan on the stove with an egg shell (anyone remember that method?), and I loved how the aroma permeated the kitchen, then the house, and reminded me that everyone would be in the kitchen soon.

The aroma of the brewed coffee is what I noticed most about the Tchibo Exclusive coffee.  Tchibo (pronounced Chee-bo) is a German coffee roaster that has long been selling coffee via mail-order.  Today, they have a chain of coffee shops stocked with products from their other enterprises (electronics, clothing, household items).  They describe Exclusive on the label as having “rich flavour, full aroma” and “with the spirit of South America”.  The description of the roast refers to it as “mood enhancing.”  The ground coffee comes in a soft package with a thicker foil lining.  The coffee itself was darker than I expected for a medium roast.
The scent of the ground coffee also reminded me of a darker roast coffee, yet was still mild.  I expected this to be a typical medium roast coffee.

I brewed it in my conventional drip coffee maker.  Drinking it, I immediately noticed that it was extremely smooth, and very mild – much more so than I expected.  I like milk or cream in my coffee, and I noticed that the milk seemed to really compliment the gentle
flavor of the Exclusive.

Tchibo Exclusive is a good, everyday coffee, but equally suited to be served to guests.  It is that aroma that lets you know it is a
quality coffee.  I found the smoothness of the coffee ‘goes down a treat’ (as my British husband says about food and drink he particularly enjoys), and a big reason I enjoyed it.  Have you tried Exclusive?  What do you think?

As always, Enjoy Better Coffee!

6 thoughts on “Coffee Review: Tchibo Exclusive

  1. wiaziu

    This is pretty good coffee. I generally hate Tchibo and cannot drink their other products without cringing. But this one is ok.


  2. You appreciate European coffee and European women! Glad you are happy with the coffee at least. It does have a good balance!

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. heydave

    It would be tough to enjoy it as much as in Germany, mainly because there was “this woman” with me.
    That notwithstanding, I was already eager with anticipation seeing the crema on top of the water waiting to slowly filter down through the one-cup drip filter I use. I have enjoyed it both with and without milk, finding the body excellent, the taste wonderful (good balance between bitter and not) and great aroma.
    As for this site, I may not be buying coffee anywhere else for a long time.


  4. Hey Dave,
    So glad you found us!! And, yes, try Tchibo again! Let us know if you find it as good as when you were in Germany!! We are glad you want to enjoy better coffee.


  5. heydave

    I first met this coffee in Germany and really enjoyed it. When I saw your post while surfing around for coffee online, I knew I had to try it again.
    Oh my, using a single cup drip filter holder, I have once again become happy with making coffee at home instead of making tea at home and hitting the coffee shop on the way to work.
    This stuff is great.


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