Check Out the New Look on Our Site!

We are so pleased to announce that we have given our website,, an entirely new look. The changes we have made will make it easier to get around the site and to order the coffees you love. We still have the day’s Super Deal and our Top Sellers. Now when you click on a coffee by brand on the left side, you will know before you get to the page what options are available for that coffee (ground or whole bean for instance). We will also be showcasing some of our coffees so that you will have a chance to try something new, should you be so moved.
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2 thoughts on “Check Out the New Look on Our Site!

  1. I just looked at your site, but am curious about something. There’s a coffee I’d like to try. The price is about 4.00.

    But, I can’t figure out how much the shipping is? It would be USA order, and the only thing I saw was something that said “10.95” shipping.

    Surely I misunderstood that a four-dollar box of coffee would cost 14.95 – altogether?


    1. Hi Teresa,

      I am sorry the information isn’t clear. Let me try to answer your question.

      The $10.99 shipping refers to a specific type of shipping – flat rate 7 day ground shipping, which is a good choice for someone who is purchasing several packages of coffee. Shipping information is on the Selling Policies page to show what options there are.

      Once you make your coffee selections, review your shopping cart. From there, you can select your shipping option after you fill in your state and zip and the type of delivery location. The prices for the various options are calculated and listed in a drop-down as part of your cart. You select the right shipping option for you based on how quickly you would like to get it. Then you can move to the checkout if you would like to continue with your order.

      You may want to go through the process as a guest; shipping prices are displayed before you move to the checkout. In fact, you will select your best option before selecting to checkout.

      I hope this helps!


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