NASFT: Another Blog’s Post

This post is short, but sweet, about what the writer has noticed with this year’s show.  I like it as it gives a sense of the show and what it means for some:

This post has a great recap of the show, with pictures and products.  Enjoy!

I look forward to blogging my own experiences from there in 2012!

As always, enjoy better coffee!





2 thoughts on “NASFT: Another Blog’s Post

  1. Thanks for linking to our post! I’m enjoying your blog, too!

    I notice you have lots of coffee reviews, but what about coffee preparation? I think that can sometimes make a bigger difference then the beans. I’m partial to a French press though I no longer have one and instead use Cuisinart coffee pot and an automatic espresso maker (can’t remember the brand). Now that I think about it, I’d better get myself another French press!


    1. Hi!

      We love the French Press here! In fact, we carry La Cafetiere on our site, and they come in a selection of colors and designs.

      I also wrote about my own experience with a French Press – it is here.

      Thanks for writing!


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