Morning Coffee

I love my morning coffee.  Today we are going away for a couple days for our wedding anniversary.  We always go to the same B&B every year, same cottage every year.  And, every year, I think they serve the most delicious coffee  with breakfast.

A few times, I have ended up bringing some home but I am always disappointed because it doesn’t seem to taste the same.  It is ok, but I wouldn’t seek it out.  I realize that when I am there, I am probably feeling happier and more relaxed than on a hectic work day – is that making the coffee taste better?  I wouldn’t say that coffee on a day off tastes better than coffee on a work day , so it doesn’t feel as if it is work/stress related.  Could it be the physical location?  Does that affect how the coffee tastes?  How about your enjoyment of the particular coffee?  I started out thinking about countryside vs suburbia or with a crowd vs solo, but maybe even the living room vs the kitchen…?  What do you think – Does where you enjoy a cup of coffee affect how you enjoy that coffee?

2 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. Earle Goodwin

    For ten years I lived in Zeist Holland. So Dowe Egberts was of course the coffee there. Returning back to the states there were few, I mean very few shops that carried it. Fresh Market had it for a while then it disappeared.. So glad it’s now available here on your web site.. Sorry not to order Stroopwafels as I make my own here in Bedford Va. Have for years with my special iron purchased in the Netherlands years ago.. any takers.. they will be fresh..
    Earle’s Kitchen
    Bedford, VA 24523


    1. Homemade stroopwafels – Delicious! I have never seen the irons before – I am wondering if they only make one at a time! And, yes, Douwe Egberts is the coffee of Holland. We are glad you found us too!


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