Coffee Review: Carte Noire

Carte Noire is a French-based coffee company producing several varieties of coffee blends.  The company uses Arabica beans to create coffees with flavor and aroma a notch (or two) above your standard coffee.  (I love their tagline:  A coffee named desire.)

For this review, I tried Carte Noire Ground Coffee.  I love the packaging – the black package highlighted with white and gold coloring really does appear luxurious.  When I opened the package, the coffee aroma was strong and a bit smoky, so much so that I expected to see a dark ground coffee.  Instead, it is a medium color, but definitely has an aroma that suggests it will be full of flavor.

The grind is medium, making it good for the French Press or a single-cup machine where you can use your own coffee.  I made the coffee in my drip coffeemaker.  Inhaling the fresh brew, again, it had the qualities of a dark roast:  rich and aromatic with an underlying sweetness.  The flavor took me by surprise, though, because of its toasty essence and its slightly bitter finish.  The balance of flavor with the full-bodied taste made it completely enjoyable!  It seemed that this combination made it a very smooth, drinkable coffee.  In fact, it seems perfect for after dinner or to complement a decadent dessert.

We carry Carte Noire in ground, whole bean and instant, along with coffee pods and decaffeinated versions.