Coffee Review: Dallmayr Prodomo

The family Coat of Arms outside the current deli

Dallmayr is a German coffee producer in business for decades.  The company history includes operating and showcasing an “electric coffee roaster” in its original store back in the 1930’s.  One of their most popular blends, Prodomo, is a quality blend of coffee varieties.

Dallmayr packages their coffees in a vacuum-packed foil package to keep the coffee fresh.  The Prodomo coffee itself is nicely brown and has a wonderful and robust aroma.  Made in a drip coffee maker, the brew is dark, with a slightly fruity aroma.  A taste without creamer or sugar has an initial bitterness that immediately becomes smooth and gentle.  With sugar and milk, it is the mildest coffee you may ever taste.  In fact, the coffee is specially processed in order to remove any bitterness yet still keep the flavor of a fine European coffee.

We carry Prodomo in ground, whole bean, pods and in latched tins quite suitable for gift-giving.  This mild coffee can be drunk anytime you want a mild and satisfying coffee.


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