The Best Hostess Gifts: Coffee, Tea or (just) Me?

I have always given coffee and tea as gifts.  I especially like them for the holidays – I think a warm drink is completely appropriate at this time of year — but tea and coffee are great gifts any time of the year.

Long before I ever worked for Enjoy Better Coffee, Inc. I gave tea and coffee as gifts.  Sometimes it would be my favorite brand or flavor; sometimes it was something I knew the recipient liked.

At the holidays, I like to have some wrapped gifts, unlabelled, under the tree for any company that comes by, perhaps with a gift for us.  I can then just walk over to the tree and pick up one of the wrapped gifts so I don’t feel caught off-guard.  I particularly like tea and coffee for this reason, in case I have any left over after the holidays, I know I will be able to use them.

I also like tea and coffee as hostess gifts.  This time of year, we see more people and friends than at other times of the year.  I like to be able to give a small gift when I go to someone’s house.  One of the many great things about tea and coffee is that the hostess doesn’t have to do anything with it.  She can put it in the cupboard and think about it the next day.  (Flowers are nice, but the hostess has to find a vase and sort them out, thus stopping her from entertaining.  Food is good too, but so often the recipient feels they have to offer it on their buffet or serve the wine you just gave them, when it may not work at all with their food and drink plans for the evening.)

It may not be required to give a hostess gift, or to give a gift to someone that gave you a gift, which is what makes tea and coffee even that much more special.  Just about everyone drinks one or both or at least serves them at home, so it will likely be used.

Both our coffee and tea sites have plenty of items on sale, perfect for this time of year.  Check out our tea specials here and our coffee specials here.  Just look to the right side of the page.

So do you give hostess gifts?   Do you bring something when you visit an open house?  How do you feel if someone gives you a holiday gift when you didnt get one for them?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!  Happy Holidays!


4 thoughts on “The Best Hostess Gifts: Coffee, Tea or (just) Me?

  1. heydave

    Oops, late to the party!
    Along these lines, I was just thinking retroactively to give a recent host couple both tea and coffee after they had me over to dinner. That’s why I’ve ordered 2 bags of the same kind of coffee lately!


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