Brand Info: Pellini

You’re the Tops

Pellini is one of the most popular coffee roasters in all of Italy.  The company’s humble beginnings in Verona over 90 years ago grew into a mission to make every cup of coffee more than a habit.  Instead, it should be a special ritual capable of expanding the pleasure and sense of well-being of those drinking Pellini coffee. The Arabica beans are roasted in a very specialized slow process that produces the best results without sacrificing any of the delicate beans.  Hot air is used to gradually heat the bean, followed by cool air to stop the natural roasting process.

Pellini also employs the  Panel Test method, which controls quality and flavor.  They are one of the few Italian companies to voluntarily follow this method, since the coffee must get the approval of these strict judges in order to be sold.  The Panel carefully inspects and reviews the coffee, judging based on all the senses, not just taste, but the smell and the appearance, to make their determination.  Pellini trusts in this level of quality assurance!

(Top is one of Pellini’s most popular roasts, in case you are wondering.)


Brand History: Lavazza

Italians Know Espresso

Lavazza is Italy’s favorite espresso, with about 75% of Italian families as customers!  The company started in 1895 when Luigi Lavazza purchased a small grocery store in Torino, in northern Italy.  At that time, coffee was purchased raw, then roasted and blended according to customer requests.   Luigi became skilled in the processing of blends and in roasting techniques.  The business expanded to wholesale, his 3 sons joined the firm and by 1927, that grocery store had grown into a specialized coffee production enterprise.  Lavazza introduced the first vacuum-packed ground coffee and was the first to invent coffee “blends”.  The firm would eventually build 4 new plants in Italy.

By the end of the 1980’s Lavazza had subsidiaries in Europe, Great Britain and the United States.  The brand has carried on the tradition of devoting special attention to developing new techniques and products.  Lavazza believes that quality is not ‘controlled’ but rather ‘developed’ through a system of strict procedures around bean selection, roasting, blending and packaging.

Reviews of Lavazza coffees always note the excellent crema, the foam at the top of espresso.  Hard-core espresso folks believe that the crema can indicate the freshness of the coffee, how well the coffee itself has been extracted of its flavorings and the quality of that extraction.  Lavazza has an intense and spicy aroma.