Brand Info: Dallmayr

Dallmayr is a German coffee producer in business for decades.  Dallmayr coffee is based in Munich, with a history spanning 3 centuries.  Dallmayr coffee has been a staple for Munich citizens throughout this time.  Originally, the coffee was sold through the family grocery shop.  Dallmayr was one of the first to operate an “electric coffee roaster” for its customers in the 1930’s.  As they have always done, Dallmayr carefully selects beans from prime coffee-producing areas to roast at their facility in Giesing near Munich.  Today, the company is known for its quality coffee.  For the last 70 years, the company has owned and operated a café, housed in a historic building where freshly roasted coffee can be enjoyed with salads, small appetizers, chocolate truffles and other pastries.  Coffee is served from hand-painted porcelain vessels crafted in Nymphenburg, an area in Germany known for its exquisite china and porcelain production.