Brand Info: Jacobs

Jacobs coffee is one of our best-selling brands of German coffee.  The Jacobs name has been producing coffee in Germany since 1895.  Premium beans are selected from the best growing regions, then carefully blended to create fine coffee.

Fast forward fewer than 100 years, Jacobs is a successful coffee company.  First merging with a Swiss chocolate company, then later bought by Brach’s Candy in 1987, Kraft Foods now owns and markets Jacobs coffee, having done so since 1990.  Jacobs coffee is popular all over the world, but in particular across Europe.

Jacobs leading premium coffee is Kronung, which means coronation in German.  It is known for its aromatic qualities.  Many folks discover it while visiting or living in Germany, then must have it back in the states.  Jacobs consistently gets high marks in online reviews for its taste, described as smooth and mellow.