Brand Info: Basilur

A Small Company with Long Arms

Basilur tea has exported the finest of Ceylon Tea for almost 150 years.  The tea is cultivated in areas such as Dimbulla and Nuwara Eliya, both renowned for producing the finest Ceylon black tea.  The climate is ideal for tea growing, with a light precipitation all year round.  Together with the mineral-rich soil and tended lovingly, the tea is the finest in the world.  Tea is plucked, fermented and packed right where it is grown, which results in the highest quality of tea available.  The company places the utmost of importance on quality, including setting stringent standards.

A Day In Amsterdam

Check out this video on YouTube of “A Day In Amsterdam”.  The tourists who made it film for about 5 minutes without narrating. You’ll hear the clang of the tram’s bells, see the various bikes and riders making their way (sometimes perilously) along the narrow streets and see many different boats, including those docked on the side of the canals in which people live and others where the occupants are meandering along as they cruise through the canal system.  We love this video as it really gives a sense of standing along the street watching it all.  The only thing missing is the smell of food wafting from the local Febo (a popular food automat), sugary pastries from one of the many bakeries and fresh bread being sold at the local bread shop.