Coffee Cup Delivers a (Different Sort of) Jolt

This had us laughing (and wishing we had one) with the recent storms that blew through the midwest and east coast, cutting power to millions of households!  Talk about an inventive geek idea!

How about an electric power inverter in the shape of a coffee cup?

The Coffee Cup Power Inverter looks just like a coffee cup. It sits in a car cup holder, but there the resemblance ends.  Instead of giving you the jolt, it powers two 120-volt AC outlets and a USB port.

At $29.99, the Coffee Cup Power Inverter costs rather more than a standard cup of coffee, but with the recent electrical power outages we’ve had, maybe it’s an investment we should make for our next black-out.  Hey, you could plug in your coffee machine!


2 thoughts on “Coffee Cup Delivers a (Different Sort of) Jolt

    1. Hi David,

      Oops…I meant to include the link – it is there now. Pretty cool, eh? Thanks for the question! And, as always, Enjoy Better Coffee!


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