Can’t Sleep? There’s an App for That!

Every drink too much coffee or drink it so late in the day that you have difficulty sleeping at night?  (I know there are a few of our fans who do not even understand how that can happen!)

If you’re less than perfect at judging your caffeine intake, this iTunes App may be just right for you.

Caffeine Zone 2 was developed by two doctors at a university. It uses the results of a number of studies to determine the perfect time to have a coffee to maintain a level of caffeine in your system for ‘optimal awareness’.  Even more important, it’ll tell you when you should stop drinking, before caffeine has a chance to disturb your sleep.

Caffeine Zone 2 Lite  is a free app. A version without ads  is available for $0.99.

Try it out and let us know what you think. And if you have an Android phone, you can try Caffeine Tracker.

Would this work for you?  Let us know if you try it – we want to hear the results!

Coffee and Brain Function

[Originally Posted 1/24/2011]

New research suggests that caffeine may hold potential benefits for proper brain functioning.  Now, that coffee that helps get you going in the morning may also protect against cognitive decline.  The international study generated a collection of topics to explore.  At a high-level, they found that caffeine has a postitive effect on thinking and memory; protects against Parkinson’s disease; prevents brain degeneration; improves a sense of well-being and happiness; enhances aerobic endurance; decreases risk of Type 2 diabetes and contains a huge amount of antioxidants.  Read the full article here.

Iced Coffee Tip: Coffee on the (Coffee) Rocks

Since it is still warm enough to enjoy iced coffee, we have a simple tip to keep the flavor in that cup.  Since the iced cubes can dilute the coffee as they melt, you could be left with a weak and watery coffee drink. recommends making a batch of coffee ice cubes.  As the coffee cubes melt, extra coffee is infused into the mix and they wont dilute, but instead will enhance, your drink!  The same trick can be used for iced tea or any cold drink.  That is, make ice cubes out of whatever you are drinking to help extend the flavor and the experience of the iced drink.

As always, enjoy better coffee!

Brand Info: Hausbrandt Trieste 1892

Trieste, Italy is the birthplace of commercial coffee shipping.  Around the 1700’s, the port came under government protection, which allowed coffee imports to be a primary activity of the Port of Trieste. By 1748, the city’s first coffeehouse had opened.  It was in 1892 that Hermann Hausbrandt started a business that roasted and sold coffee in Trieste.  Hausbrandt was one of the first real artisan coffee roasters, able to produce and package the highest quality coffee while maintaining consistency and freshness never before achieved.  His company became the first to package coffee in sealed metal containers.  He went on to introduce an electric roaster that ensured the coffee aroma remained fresh.

Hausbrandt was also the first company to create a line of cups of their own design and logo in 1935.  By the late 1980’s, under new management but in homage to Hermann Hausbrandt, the company was rebranded as Hausbrandt Trieste 1892.  Since then, the company has won various awards for the quality of its products.  Hausbrandt has more than 20,000 clients including restaurants, cafes and bars, selling more than 4000 tons of roasted coffee every year (which translates to approximately 600 million cups of espresso).  Since 2005, the next generation is taking the reins of Hausbrandt, determined to safeguard the historical heritage of this company.

Brand Info: Antica Espresso

One of the great coffee cities in history is Trieste, Italy.  This capital of coffee and espresso has produced many great brands, and we are proud to now carry Antica Tostatura Triestina.  The name means “Old Roast of Trieste”, in homage to the traditions of espresso and to the city of Trieste, often referred to as the espresso capital of the world.

The company began in the late 1800’s when a young merchant marine began to roast, sell and later export espresso internationally, significantly contributing to Trieste’s reputation.  The espresso is roasted over beech wood, which allows for a slower process of heating the beans.  This results in coffee which preserves more of the natural compounds in the beans.  This slow-roasting process also produces a coffee that is lower in acidity and greater in body (how it feels in your mouth).  Through a special process of cooling the beans, the intense aroma is preserved along with a subtle yet distinct smoke flavor.  This provides more of an imprint rather than an altered flavor, another characteristic of the brand.

Through the years, the same family has continued the traditions established by their great-grandfather.  The focus is on the time it takes to get the coffee just right.  The constant and consuming passion for quality results in a very special, very Italian espresso.

Today, Antica Espresso, as the company is now known, is served in 26 countries worldwide.  Since the mid-1990’s, Antica Espresso has also been served in some of the best restaurants and coffee shops in New York City.  It has been recommended and served by Martha Stewart, Mario Batali & Todd English.

Here at Enjoy Better Coffee, Inc., we have a wide selection of Antica coffees, including for the first time for us, organic certified coffee.  In fact, the Organic line is doubly certified by the USDA NOP in the United States and by the BIO-CE in Europe.  We have whole bean and ground available in a variety of packages sizes and grinds.