Brand Info: Hausbrandt Trieste 1892

Trieste, Italy is the birthplace of commercial coffee shipping.  Around the 1700’s, the port came under government protection, which allowed coffee imports to be a primary activity of the Port of Trieste. By 1748, the city’s first coffeehouse had opened.  It was in 1892 that Hermann Hausbrandt started a business that roasted and sold coffee in Trieste.  Hausbrandt was one of the first real artisan coffee roasters, able to produce and package the highest quality coffee while maintaining consistency and freshness never before achieved.  His company became the first to package coffee in sealed metal containers.  He went on to introduce an electric roaster that ensured the coffee aroma remained fresh.

Hausbrandt was also the first company to create a line of cups of their own design and logo in 1935.  By the late 1980’s, under new management but in homage to Hermann Hausbrandt, the company was rebranded as Hausbrandt Trieste 1892.  Since then, the company has won various awards for the quality of its products.  Hausbrandt has more than 20,000 clients including restaurants, cafes and bars, selling more than 4000 tons of roasted coffee every year (which translates to approximately 600 million cups of espresso).  Since 2005, the next generation is taking the reins of Hausbrandt, determined to safeguard the historical heritage of this company.