Can’t Sleep? There’s an App for That!

Every drink too much coffee or drink it so late in the day that you have difficulty sleeping at night?  (I know there are a few of our fans who do not even understand how that can happen!)

If you’re less than perfect at judging your caffeine intake, this iTunes App may be just right for you.

Caffeine Zone 2 was developed by two doctors at a university. It uses the results of a number of studies to determine the perfect time to have a coffee to maintain a level of caffeine in your system for ‘optimal awareness’.  Even more important, it’ll tell you when you should stop drinking, before caffeine has a chance to disturb your sleep.

Caffeine Zone 2 Lite  is a free app. A version without ads  is available for $0.99.

Try it out and let us know what you think. And if you have an Android phone, you can try Caffeine Tracker.

Would this work for you?  Let us know if you try it – we want to hear the results!