Douwe Egberts on Sale Now

Can you believe that we are already more than halfway through September? Before you know it, it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and the December holidays!

We are happy to report that we just got in a new shipment of fresh coffee, all ready to be shipped. We again have in stock plenty of Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Instant in 200g jars (our most popular size). We also have Excellent Aroma and Select Aroma ready in our temperature-controlled warehouse to arrive at your door. The Excellent Aroma gets great reviews not only for its rich aroma, but also because it has a strong taste without any bitterness. We have Excellent Aroma in whole bean and ground. Select Aroma is a medium roast coffee, slightly fruity with a full body. Reviews usually mention the balanced taste, which makes it a perfect coffee for everyday and for company.

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Check out the packaging for Select Aroma and Excellent Aroma, new for these two coffees.  Let us know what you think here!


2 thoughts on “Douwe Egberts on Sale Now

  1. Bes

    We have two coffee machines that require K-cups. Would love to have Douwe Egbert coffee but don’t want to buy another machine. 😦


    1. I understand – coffee machines are expensive enough! Have you tried any of the ‘fill your own’ holders for the K-cup machine? There are several, including one made by K-cup itself with a mini filter basket. I usually turn to that when I tire of the usual K-cup selection! Thanks for your post!


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