Senseo Pods Are All the Rage!

Single-serve coffee makers are extremely popular right now.  In the last few years, systems using interchangeable pods have found their way not only into our homes, but into restaurants and offices also.  Single-serve coffee is here to stay.

Enjoy Better Coffee, Inc.  has Senseo coffee pods which work with Senseo coffee machines.  If you have seen those cool machines that look like an arched tower leaning over a platform that holds a coffee cup, then you are familiar with the Senseo machine.  Made by Phillips, it is available online.  Hamilton Beach also makes a one-cup brewer that uses Senseo pods, also easy enough to find online.

We have a wide selection of coffee pods, available in all of our best-selling European coffee brands.  Our prices for pods are low – just compare us!  In fact, the cost is even less than K-cup type cartridges or ground coffee.  Please be aware that Senseo coffee pods cannot be used in regular drip coffee makers.

Just in with our latest shipment, we have Medium, Dark and Decaf Senseo pods available, made by Douwe Egberts.  The pods are produced in France for the European market, so they have all the great flavor enjoyed in European coffees.  In fact, this makes our pods different, because they are made for Europe sales.  The packaging also reflects the European branding.  So you know you are getting real coffee from Europe.

In addition to Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee pods, we have Carte Noire and Dallmayr in pods.

We also have a fine selection of espresso capsules that can be used in espresso machines and special espresso pod machines.  These are pods made strictly for espresso machines; they do not work with Senseo coffee machines.  All our famous brands are available in espresso pods or capsules for espresso machines:  Lavazza, Kimbo, Pellini and Segafredo.

We know you will love the convenience of coffee pods, so we are offering all of our coffee pods at 10% off.  *

Please Use Coupon Code CPODSALE

* Valid on on the Coffee By Type –> Coffee Pods pages through 10/11/2012. Not valid with other coupons or discounts.