Coffee Might Delay Alzheimer’s

[Originally published June 10, 2012]

CBS News is reporting just this week that new research shows drinking about 3 cups of coffee each day might hold off Alzheimer’s for older adults experiencing memory impairment.  The study looked at adults aged 65 to 88 with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a condition which can progress into Alzheimer’s within a few years.

Examining and comparing blood caffeine levels among the participants, researchers were able to identify a “critical level” of caffeine needed to provide the protective benefits.  Participants that converted to Alzheimer’s within two to four years had lower blood caffeine than other participants with MCI that hadn’t progressed.  The study author noted that this suggests that older adults with mild memory impairment who drink moderate levels of coffee, about 3 cups a day, could experience a substantial delay before Alzheimer’s onset.  The author, whose study was published in a medical journal just this month, cautioned that they are not suggesting coffee will completely protect people from the condition, adding that moderate consumption may delay Alzheimer’s onset.