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In Holland, home to Douwe Egberts, this time of year brings strong winds, colder temperatures and the start of the holiday season. Sinterklaas (St. Nicholas, aka Santa Claus) arrives in The Netherlands about now (mid-November), usually by boat. Sinterklaas is depicted as a kindly bishop in red robes with a tall, pointed hat. He has a helper named Black Pete to help him deliver the presents. The two parade through the streets to the cheers of children and adults alike. Black Pete throws candies and other treats to the onlookers. Children look forward to December 5, Saint Nicholas Day eve. Before going to bed that night, the children will place their shoes in a central spot in the home to be filled with presents from Sinterklaas. The kids will leave a carrot or some hay, for the horse on which Sinterklaas travels.

You may wonder, then, if the Dutch celebrate Christmas, with all these festivities, in early December. While Christmas is celebrated on December 25, it is usually a quieter day spent with family enjoying a large meal.

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