Coffee in the Spotlight: Jacobs

Jacobs_KR_Mild_500_New_SMALLJacobs is a German coffee producer that started in the business almost 120 years ago. As one of the earliest of commercial coffee roasters, he had already spent more than a decade honing his roasting methods with the benefit of his exceptional sense of taste. Not surprisingly, Jacobs coffee has a wonderful aroma and flavor. Today, Jacobs is available around the world and remains the best-selling brand in Germany.

We have Jacobs coffee in ground, whole, decaffeinated and instant. Their most popular blend, Krönung (labeled as Monarch in some countries), comes in a Mild version too. Jacobs is also known for their instant coffee, including Milka 3 in 1, Cappuccino and a tasty Choco Cappuccino.

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