So Sweet: Check Out Our Candy and Cookies

You may know we have coffee candies in a variety of ‘roasts’ and flavors.  We recently introduced some new treats:  Crunchy Almond bars and Almond Caramel bars from El Amendro Turro and Pernigotti Hard and Soft Nougats.  In addition, we have some French cookies that are authentic and flavorful.  We have Fossiersbutter cookies, almond macaroons and pink champagne biscuits (for dunking in a glass of wine or champagne, should you feel so inclined).  Traou Mad butter cookies and galettes come in boxes or tins.  (If you are ever in France, you can visit the factory in Pont-Aven.)  Lastly, we have Biscuiterie Craquantes, an almond cookie similar to biscotti.  Bicuiterie Navettes are a light shortbread made with orange-flower water.

All of our cookies and candies can be found under the Coffee By Brand section, Candy and Cookies.

These treats are just perfect for the  gifts, or have them in bowls around the house for easy snacking with family and friends.

And if you haven’t tried stroopwafels yet, you don’t know what you are missing.  These Dutch cookies are thin waffles with a layer of sweet syrup holding them together.  Paired with coffee, you will enjoy how sweet it is!