New Year’s Splash

Dutch Splash New Years[NOTE:  This post was in our Douwe Egberts newsletter this week.  One of our great customers (and we do have *great* customers!) wrote to clarify a couple points.  First, “Holland”  (North Holland and South Holland) are two of the many provinces that comprise The Netherlands.  He also reminded us that the city mentioned in the article is in the province of South Holland, not in the northern part of the country as we have here.  We made the changes below.]

It is a Dutch tradition to begin the New Year with a dive into the icy lake and sea waters in Holland The Netherlands. This month, more than 60 towns and cities held events where participants enthusiastically strode into a frozen lake or the bitter cold sea. This tradition is celebrated by at least 25,000 hardy Dutch souls in freezing water every year. The tradition began more than 50 years ago when a swim club decided to start the New Year with a plunge into the sea. After getting national attention, a local soup brand decided to sponsor the event, which increases the number of participants and locations every year. The largest group of people diving into the  icy water is in Scheveningen, a city in the northern southern part of Holland the country.  There, more than 10,000 people that took the plunge this year. We find this is a spectacle best watched from the sidelines!  BRrrrr!


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  1. Thanks for the clarification! To outsiders, Holland and The Netherlands may seem equivalent, but it’s like using the word England to refer to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


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