Coffee with Cream and Butter, Please

The Paleo Diet is certainly growing in popularity.  For those unfamiliar with this diet, it relies on foods and drinks that would have been consumed by our caveman ancestors.  That means meats, nuts, green and root vegetables only, with no gluten or grains. Carrots_with_stems

For true devotees of the diet, though, coffee is a challenge as many drinkers want it sweetened.  Enter Bulletproof Coffee, invented by a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur who runs The Bulletproof Executive web site.  His recipe is this:  Blend prepared coffee in a kitchen blender with 1-2 Tablespoons of unsalted, preferably grass-fed, butter.  Blending this way gives the coffee a foamy head and a buttery (obviously) texture that cannot be achieved with a spoon.  Devotees swear that the coffee is so filling, you won’t need to eat anything else for hours.Western-pack-butter