Brand History: Kimbo

Kimbo_Naples Seaside ImageCommonly, Naples, Italy is considered the world capital of coffee. Kimbo has its roots in Naples, where a small roasting plant was set up for selling roasted coffee to coffee bars and coffee shops during the 1950’s. A decade or so later, the coffee market was flooded with new packaging systems that allowed the coffee to be sold in tins. The founders of Kimbo understood the importance of being able to sell coffee well-preserved to a wider audience. The founders created the brand name – Café do Brasil – supplying homes and shops with their quality coffee. Gaining expertise in the field, the company grew rapidly and today they are one of the leading roasters in Europe, capturing new market worldwide.

With the brand name Caffe Kimbo, the company has held second place since 1994 on the Italian retail market for packaged coffee. Kimbo attributes much of its success to the quality of their products. Kimbo has always focused on keeping the coffee quality consistently high through a rigorous selection of the coffee beans and their meticulous processing to produce a great-tasting coffee.

We have a great selection of Kimbo coffees, from capsules and coffee pods, to ground coffee to whole bean. We also have a gift set collection that comes with Kimbo Aroma Gold, Kimbo Napoletano and an espresso cup and saucer.

Kimbo_Gold AromaOne of the most popular Kimbo coffees is Kimbo Gold Medal, which is a perfect blend of coffee, roasted to deliver a combination of rich aroma and full-bodied taste. Now, we have it in new colorful packaging with the updated name Kimbo Aroma Gold.  Ground Aroma Gold works great as an everyday coffee made in a drip brewer, moka maker or an espresso machines. We still have a small selection of Kimbo Gold Medal in can, as it was known.  Still the same great coffee under both names!