“Coffee Meets Bagel” Takes Service Nationwide with App

250px-Plain-BagelWe have written before about “Coffee Meets Bagel”, an online dating service launched in 2012 in New York City. The startup has released its new iPhone app, which is similar to its web service. Users sign up through Facebook, with the personal details they are willing to share, along with what they want in a match. At noon each day, the user gets one match (or bagel, as the company calls them) that has some connection to the user. At that point, the user can “pass” or “like.” If both parties like each other, the couple is put in touch via a texting service. By only getting one match a day, users are meant to be kept from feeling overwhelmed. The app is similar to a game: Users earn coffee beans by inviting friends, filling out information or similar actions. The beans then can buy special features such as revealing your match’s mutual friends and going back to a missed match. The company claims to have made more than 1.5 million matches, with 70 percent of members checking the service daily. Makes us want to have a bagel with our coffee!

Brand History: Caffe Trombetta

Caffe Trombetta_Image

We’re excited to let you know that we now stock a great Italian coffee brand, Caffe Trombetta.  When Vittorio Trombetta began roasting and selling coffee in 1890, he chose to open his shop very near the main terminal of the train station in Rome.  He wanted his shop to be a place for travelers, giving them a chance to experience coffee in the true Italian tradition.  Word quickly spread that this shop served premium quality coffee and the shop soon filled with travelers and locals.

Fast-forward through the next 60 years as the company grew and gained its reputation as a producer of quality coffee, particularly espresso.  In a daring move, Vittorio’s grandson Giorgio had a factory built in the industrial district of Rome in the 1960’s.  He promoted his coffee using vacuum packaging, one of the first coffee companies to do so.  He began a coffee consortium to help distribute Caffe Trombetta coffee on a larger scale.  One of Giorgio’s last decisions as a company leader was to buy property in Rome to open a café at the Piazza del Popolo, already famous from Fellini films.

Currently, we offer Caffe Trombetta Gold Bar whole beans, Red Bar whole beans, Oro Bar pods and Oro Point cartridges for espresso machines.  Gold Bar has a gentle, soft flavor and texture with a strong aroma.  Red Bar combines Arabica and Robusta beans to balance taste and aroma in this strong coffee.  Oro Bar pods make a single delicious cup of Italian espresso.  The Oro Point cartridges make espresso in Lavazza Point machines.  We hope to expand our line very soon, so watch for updates.  In the meantime, try some of this premium Italian coffee and feel  yourself swept away to a Roman piazza!

Ahmad Tea On Sale This Week at Enjoy Better Tea, Inc.

Ahmad Tea Banner Red_image

Ahmad Tea is a family business built on the experience of generations of tea growing, blending and packaging. Now managed by the 4th generation of its founding family, the company continues its mission to make the finest teas. Ahmad Tea is sold in more than 70 countries across five continents. The reputation of the company is firmly based on the quality of their teas. The same commitment to quality that drove the family to start the business is still in place today – seen through their exceptional blends and tastes, their beautiful packages and their affordable prices.

As summer is winding down, and school ready to begin again, we hope you have a chance to spend some time enjoying great teas at home, on the road or in the dorm.

In honor of the last weeks of Summer, Ahmad Tea and EnjoyBetterTea.com are offering a discount on all Ahmad Teas at www.EnjoyBetterTea.com.

Get 20% off all Ahmad Tea products with no minimum order, starting today! *

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Popsicles Made From Tea are Cool (yeah, we said it!)

If you are looking for a way to cool down, try something frozen to beat the heat.  With these treats, you have tea time covered!  We found these on the Ahmad Tea blog.  Ahmad Tea is one of our favorites!

Strawberry Green Tea PopsiclesRed_Popsicle


•1 pound strawberries, hulled

•2 tsp. freshly squeezed orange juice

•2 cups green tea, brewed and chilled

•2 Tbsp. agave nectar

•¼ cup fresh basil, finely chopped


1.  In a blender, combine all ingredients. Blend for 30 seconds or until mixture is smooth.

2.  Divide mixture between popsicle molds and freeze for 6 hours.

3.  Enjoy!

Arnold Palmer Popsicles

Use equal parts of brewed Ahmad Tea’s Lemon Lime Twist Black Tea and prepared lemonade, pour into molds and freeze.  Enjoy a moment of cool!

Random Acts of Coffee Kindness

Suspended Coffee Logo_imagesEver hear of caffè sospes?  How about pending coffee? It is more commonly referred to as “suspended coffee” which is when a person pays for coffee in advance for someone less able to afford it. We mention it because this custom is an Italian tradition that originated in Naples more than 100 years ago.

Someone less fortunate would pop his head into the doorway of a café and ask “Is there anything suspended?” The barista would nod and serve him a cup of coffee for free. The act of charity, in which donors and recipients never meet, is considered an elegant way to show generosity. While it used to be confined mainly to the Christmas season, the Eurozone financial crisis these last few years has caused a resurgence of the practice. The tradition has spread across Europe, where many cafes will post signs or logos indicating they serve suspended coffee. Italy prides itself on many things, not the least that it’s the country where Europe’s first coffeehouse opened in Venice in the 1600’s. That list can now include being the start of a (now) worldwide social movement that goes beyond coffee to “pay it forward”.

Brand Info: Pellini Caffe

Pellini Coffee began as a company in Italy back in 1922.  Built on dedication to customers and a complete understanding of premium coffee, the company is committed to quality.  Today, Pellini coffee and products are available in more than 30 countries around the world and the company is ranked as the 5th largest coffee producer.

Pellini Top image

The company has earned ISO 9000 certification, which requires precise documentation of procedures and strict demonstration of those procedures over time.  The standards cover quality management and quality assurance, requiring the company to take corrective action as needed and to facilitate continual improvements in the process.

Pellini selects all coffee beans at their source.  During the delicate roasting process, hot air is used to gradually heat the beans, followed by cool air to stop the roasting process.  Grades of beans are roasted separately, at the specific temperature and length of time to preserve all their flavor and aroma.  The “recipes” used are a true reflection of each Pellini blend, derived from years of coffee roasting.  By the end of the process, the coffee beans have the body and flavor individual to the beans themselves.  Blending creates the various types of Pellini coffee, prepared with skill and experience.  Pellini’s production facility is located in Bussolengo, Italy, in the province of Verona.   Pellini maintains several other certifications, including International Food Standards, BRC Food Safety and Orthodox Union Kosher certificates.  Pellini also voluntarily follows the Panel Test method, which means the coffee must get the approval of the strict Panel judges in order to be sold.  The Panel carefully inspects and reviews the coffee, judging the coffee on all the senses, not just taste, but smell and appearance, to make their final determination.  Now that’s dedication to quality!


PelliniUSA Does Italian Cooking on YouTube    

If you are interested in Italian cooking, then be sure to check out PelliniUSA’s channel on YouTube:  Pasta and Vino.  The hosts make easy and delicious meals with an appropriate complementing wine and then finish it all off with a cup of Pellini espresso.  You can find PelliniUSA’s channel on YouTube here.