Brand Info: Pellini Caffe

Pellini Coffee began as a company in Italy back in 1922.  Built on dedication to customers and a complete understanding of premium coffee, the company is committed to quality.  Today, Pellini coffee and products are available in more than 30 countries around the world and the company is ranked as the 5th largest coffee producer.

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The company has earned ISO 9000 certification, which requires precise documentation of procedures and strict demonstration of those procedures over time.  The standards cover quality management and quality assurance, requiring the company to take corrective action as needed and to facilitate continual improvements in the process.

Pellini selects all coffee beans at their source.  During the delicate roasting process, hot air is used to gradually heat the beans, followed by cool air to stop the roasting process.  Grades of beans are roasted separately, at the specific temperature and length of time to preserve all their flavor and aroma.  The “recipes” used are a true reflection of each Pellini blend, derived from years of coffee roasting.  By the end of the process, the coffee beans have the body and flavor individual to the beans themselves.  Blending creates the various types of Pellini coffee, prepared with skill and experience.  Pellini’s production facility is located in Bussolengo, Italy, in the province of Verona.   Pellini maintains several other certifications, including International Food Standards, BRC Food Safety and Orthodox Union Kosher certificates.  Pellini also voluntarily follows the Panel Test method, which means the coffee must get the approval of the strict Panel judges in order to be sold.  The Panel carefully inspects and reviews the coffee, judging the coffee on all the senses, not just taste, but smell and appearance, to make their final determination.  Now that’s dedication to quality!


PelliniUSA Does Italian Cooking on YouTube    

If you are interested in Italian cooking, then be sure to check out PelliniUSA’s channel on YouTube:  Pasta and Vino.  The hosts make easy and delicious meals with an appropriate complementing wine and then finish it all off with a cup of Pellini espresso.  You can find PelliniUSA’s channel on YouTube here.