Brand History: Caffe Trombetta

Caffe Trombetta_Image

We’re excited to let you know that we now stock a great Italian coffee brand, Caffe Trombetta.  When Vittorio Trombetta began roasting and selling coffee in 1890, he chose to open his shop very near the main terminal of the train station in Rome.  He wanted his shop to be a place for travelers, giving them a chance to experience coffee in the true Italian tradition.  Word quickly spread that this shop served premium quality coffee and the shop soon filled with travelers and locals.

Fast-forward through the next 60 years as the company grew and gained its reputation as a producer of quality coffee, particularly espresso.  In a daring move, Vittorio’s grandson Giorgio had a factory built in the industrial district of Rome in the 1960’s.  He promoted his coffee using vacuum packaging, one of the first coffee companies to do so.  He began a coffee consortium to help distribute Caffe Trombetta coffee on a larger scale.  One of Giorgio’s last decisions as a company leader was to buy property in Rome to open a café at the Piazza del Popolo, already famous from Fellini films.

Currently, we offer Caffe Trombetta Gold Bar whole beans, Red Bar whole beans, Oro Bar pods and Oro Point cartridges for espresso machines.  Gold Bar has a gentle, soft flavor and texture with a strong aroma.  Red Bar combines Arabica and Robusta beans to balance taste and aroma in this strong coffee.  Oro Bar pods make a single delicious cup of Italian espresso.  The Oro Point cartridges make espresso in Lavazza Point machines.  We hope to expand our line very soon, so watch for updates.  In the meantime, try some of this premium Italian coffee and feel  yourself swept away to a Roman piazza!