Tchibo and Eduscho

Tchibo Exclusive CoffeeTchibo is a German coffee producer that began filling coffee orders by mail orders more than 60 years ago.  The name Tchibo comes from the word ‘Tchiling’ (the name of a founding partner) and the German word for ‘bean’ (bohne).  By the early 1950’s, Tchibo begins publishing a monthly magazine with fashion tips, stories, recipes on a budget, sewing patterns, beauty tips and horoscopes.  The uniqueness of this magazine lends to its popularity for many years.  At the same time, Tchibo begins selling coffee from a store right next to the roasting plant, selling coffee in see-through containers and even giving samples of brewed coffee to allow customers to choose their favorites.  Within a few years, there are more than 70 shops in Germany, with one opening almost every week.  A mere ten years later, Tchibo has over 400 shops in the country.  Over the next 30 years, Tchibo opens roasting plants and coffee shops in Britain, Poland, Hungary and Russia.

Tchibo also implemented a new marketing scheme:  The company offers a variety of products for sale, including mobile phones, concert tickets, jewelry, flowers, even cars!  They are known for their advertising slogan “Only at Tchibo!”

Eduscho is another German company that started delivering mail-order coffee at about the same time as Tchibo.  Eduscho Gala CoffeeEventually, Eduscho opened stores in all major German cities.  Eduscho sold its products in bakeries, which really boosted the brand nationally.  Fifteen years ago, Tchibo acquired Eduscho and began selling in Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Britain.  When the company launched Cafissimo, it was the first single-serving coffee system in Germany, preparing 3 coffee specialties using just one machine.

We have a great selection of Tchibo and Eduscho coffees.  Tchibo Feine Milde is one of the most popular of the brand’s roasts.  We also have Tchibo Gold Selection, Decaf and Family ground coffees.  These coffees are fine examples of the premium coffee available from European coffee companies.

At, Tchibo coffee prices are low and certainly a good value.

What’s Brewing in The Netherlands

Satellite_image_of_the_NetherlandsBecause we like Douwe Egberts coffee so much, we always like to stay in touch with the news in The Netherlands, home to this great company.

Just this month, The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam unveiled a long-lost Van Gogh painting that had spent years in an attic gathering dust because it was thought to be a fake.  This is the first large painting by the Dutch master discovered since 1928.  The work will go on display at the museum for a full year, starting later this month.

Speed skating is a popular sport in The Netherlands, which is hardly surprising in an area where skating on the frozen canals and lakes is a national pastime.  Just announced this month, the Dutch city of Almere, across the harbor from Amsterdam, will be the home of a new national top speed skating stadium.   The Icedome, as it is called, will be ready for competitions starting in late 2016.

In other news, this month the United Nations published the second annual World Happiness Report. The Netherlands ranked 4th in the world, the same as in last year’s report.  Denmark earned the top spot.  The U.S. ranked 17th.  (Earlier this summer, we reported about another international economic agency using multiple factors found The Netherlands to be the 8th happiest country in the world.  Australia was number 1.)

There’s always a lot of news from The Netherlands, that’s for sure.  We here at Enjoy Better Coffee, Inc. also have some great news for you:  Fresh shipments of coffee and tea have just arrived from The Netherlands, ready to be shipped to you.  All of your favorites are restocked.

Tchibo’s ‘Best Bean’ Coffee

Beste Bohne Best Bohne Image

Tchibo has always used the highest quality coffee beans, carefully harvested and processed, roasted in particular methods to achieve the best flavors and aromas.  Now we carry Tchibo Beste Bohne, their flagship product, in whole bean and ground.  This aromatic and rich coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans from Africa and South America that are roasted and blended to perfection.  This is the German version of Beste Bohne, made for the German market, so it has all the flavor of true European coffee.  We have a selection of sizes, all of which are exceptional values.  We want you to try this coffee; we are sure you will like it.  Then tell us what you think about it on our site by going to the product description page and find the link near the bottom for writing a review.

Coffee – For Your Skin

Last month, a company began crowd-sourcing for $15,000 in funding for the first round of production for their new caffeinated skin spray named Sprayable Energy.  The product contains caffeine, water and something to help it be absorbed by skin.  One dose, or 4 sprays, has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee.  The product creators claim the product is odorless, colorless and safe.  By spraying it on skin “in the same places where you spray a fragrance”, the mixture gives the user alertness and focus, just as with a coffee or energy drink.  You may be interested to know that the creators hoped to make their financial goal in eight weeks.  At halfway through the funding time, they hadalready raised more than double that amount.  As of now, you can order it at their site.

Sprayable Energy Image

Just for Laughs: How To Know If You Are Addicted to Coffee


  1. When there is no espresso, you feel depresso.
  2. You feel as if coffee is a big ol’ hug in a cup.
  3. You consider a French press survival gear.
  4. You drop everything you’re doing when you hear your favorite roast is on sale.
  5. You get both hot and iced coffee for yourself.  At the same time.
  6. You’ve learned not to wear white.
  7. You eat chocolate espresso beans like mints.
  8. Your version of single-serving coffee is a cup the same size as a Big Gulp.
  9. No matter how much coffee you have, you just want more.