Tchibo and Eduscho

Tchibo Exclusive CoffeeTchibo is a German coffee producer that began filling coffee orders by mail orders more than 60 years ago.  The name Tchibo comes from the word ‘Tchiling’ (the name of a founding partner) and the German word for ‘bean’ (bohne).  By the early 1950’s, Tchibo begins publishing a monthly magazine with fashion tips, stories, recipes on a budget, sewing patterns, beauty tips and horoscopes.  The uniqueness of this magazine lends to its popularity for many years.  At the same time, Tchibo begins selling coffee from a store right next to the roasting plant, selling coffee in see-through containers and even giving samples of brewed coffee to allow customers to choose their favorites.  Within a few years, there are more than 70 shops in Germany, with one opening almost every week.  A mere ten years later, Tchibo has over 400 shops in the country.  Over the next 30 years, Tchibo opens roasting plants and coffee shops in Britain, Poland, Hungary and Russia.

Tchibo also implemented a new marketing scheme:  The company offers a variety of products for sale, including mobile phones, concert tickets, jewelry, flowers, even cars!  They are known for their advertising slogan “Only at Tchibo!”

Eduscho is another German company that started delivering mail-order coffee at about the same time as Tchibo.  Eduscho Gala CoffeeEventually, Eduscho opened stores in all major German cities.  Eduscho sold its products in bakeries, which really boosted the brand nationally.  Fifteen years ago, Tchibo acquired Eduscho and began selling in Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Britain.  When the company launched Cafissimo, it was the first single-serving coffee system in Germany, preparing 3 coffee specialties using just one machine.

We have a great selection of Tchibo and Eduscho coffees.  Tchibo Feine Milde is one of the most popular of the brand’s roasts.  We also have Tchibo Gold Selection, Decaf and Family ground coffees.  These coffees are fine examples of the premium coffee available from European coffee companies.

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