Carte Noire

cartenoireWe can’t talk about a great French coffee without talking a little about the Parisian coffee culture.  The French enjoy coffee morning, noon and night.  If you have been to a French café, then you know you must begin by saying “Bonjour” – always say hello!  When you order your coffee (“Je voudrais un café, s’il vous plait”), dark, strong coffee will arrive in a tiny cup, perhaps with a few sugar cubes placed on the saucer; sometimes you may get a carafe of hot coffee and a pitcher of steamed milk.   If it’s a hot summer day, order a café glacé (iced coffee) or a café faux (decaf).

Carte Noire started as a company in 1978 by founder Rene Monnier, who had already been roasting, blending and selling coffee for more than a decade before that.  His family is a coffee dynasty, beginning with a coffee that is still today a staple in French homes – it’s the coffee that grandmother makes (and we have it too:  Grand Mere!).  Rene built Carte Noire, which means “black card”, as a sophisticated and elegant brand using black and gold packaging and marketing the brand as “a coffee named desire”.  We have it in ground, whole beans, instant and pods.  We have a limited amount of Carte Noire Velours, which is back, but only for a short time.  (Unfortunately, our supplier is having problems obtaining it, so we may not have it again for a while.  Order now while we have it or you will miss out.)

We also have a new roast from Carte NoireMillicano Instant Sticks.  The 100% Arabica coffee is one of our best instant coffees.  This instant is made in a new way:  Beans are finely ground and combined with freeze-dried instant coffee.  This super-premium instant coffee has a rich and silky taste.  This is an exciting development for instant coffee!   Packaged in individual sticks, you can take them anywhere, anytime to enjoy a better cup of instant coffee.  We have 25 sticks in a package for $5.99.  You have to try this instant coffee!