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This week’s newsletter has some entertaining tips – that is, tips for holiday entertaining.  You may want to try one of the coffee and alcohol drink recipes in the newsletter.  The espresso martini inspired Victor to make one that same evening – except he used more vodka and less Kahlua to make it less sweet.


Late november at Enjoy Better Coffee


Douwe Egberts And Senseo On Sale

This week’s newsletter is all about Douwe Egberts and Senseo coffee.  We always like to include some news about The Netherlands, home of Douwe Egberts.

Plus, you can get a free Douwe Egberts ceramic mug when you buy a 4-pack of Douwe Egberts Select Aroma or Mocca Aroma whole beans.

As always, Enjoy Better Coffee!

Douwe Egberts at Enjoy Better Coffee November 2013

Gift Sets at Enjoy Better Coffee

This week’s newsletter introduces a new feature on for building your own gift box – just in time for the holidays!  You’ll also find some recommendations from our team members on their favorites.

Our discount goes through Saturday too, so now is the time to buy!

As always, Enjoy Better Coffee!

Gift sets at Enjoy Better Coffee

Early November at Enjoy Better Coffee

This week’s newsletter has some information about Daylight Savings Time, our shipping options for the upcoming holiday and some information about a study on when to get the most out of drinking coffee.  And, of course, our usual discount – maybe you can start the holiday shopping a little early!  Visit us at

Stay warm!

Early November at Enjoy Better Coffee