Douwe Egberts On Sale Through February 25, 2014

There is so much to admire and respect about The Netherlands! Sure, it is home to Douwe Egberts – and has been for well over 250 years. There is so much more to this small country, though. The Netherlands has always shown liberal and tolerant attitudes with cultural and social matters. Dutch painters are arguably the best in the world. And this year, at the winter Olympics, The Netherlands has ruled in speed skating.

2014_Olympic Speed SkatingIn the middle of last week, The Netherlands had as many medals in speed skating (21) as other nations had in all sports combined! With one day to go, The Netherlands is in 5th place in the medal count, with 24 total medals.  [The Dutch Olympic Teams placed 5th overall, immediately after the United States in the standings.]  That the Dutch team is the third-smallest delegation makes this even more impressive. There has been a lot of talk in the media about their complete dominance of this event! They have ruled the podium.

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2 thoughts on “Douwe Egberts On Sale Through February 25, 2014

  1. Nick Vlok

    I love Douwe Egbert coffee but can not drink it because i am using K Cups, will you be able to do this in k cups one day. That will be great


    1. Hi Nick,

      We don’t like to say ‘never’, but since K cups are sold for use in America, it is not likely at this time. Our coffees are made in Europe for the European market. You do have a couple options, though. Have you considered getting a ‘My K cup’ device that lets you use your own ground coffee? The other option is to get a Senseo machine and use the pods we have. I am told that you can often find a used Senseo machine online. We love Douwe Egberts coffee too! Thanks for the post!


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