European Coffee Cities

2014_Rome and EBC

Lonely Planet just posted online this week about great coffee cities of the world. Would you be surprised to learn that 3 of the 8 cities are in Europe?

Rome makes the list, of course. The Italian culture and lifestyle is centered on coffee and everybody drinks it. What is the best coffee drink from this historic city? Espresso, of course. London is also included, in part because of the growth of espresso coffee shops. Cappuccinos are the rule of the day in London, though “Flat Whites” are equally popular. Don’t know Flat White? Originally from Australia, it is similar to a latte, but with more coffee than milk, which allows the espresso to be in charge.

The 3rd European location that makes the good coffee cities is Vienna, Austria. In fact, coffee is such a vital part of the culture, the city’s coffee houses were officially listed as “Intangible Heritage”. Coffee shops are where people meet to read, chat and enjoy the atmosphere. Vienna hosted the World Barista Championships in 2012. Try an espresso at one of the great local cafés. (See News below for the other cities in the list.)

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