Carte Noire On Sale is ‘Bon’!

2014_Carte Noire

Paris. The city of lights. Home to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, the cathedral Notre Dame. Berets. Impressionist art. Bridges. Street-side cafes. And coffee. Ah, yes, the coffee! France is the home of history-filled coffee brands such as Carte Noire and Grand Mere. Sipping one of these delicious coffees will bring the Parisian coffee culture right to your cup!cartenoire

Carte Noire, literally “black card”, was born almost 35 years ago by Rene Monnier, a coffee blender and roaster whose family had been producing Grand Mere for more than 10 years before that. The Monniers chose the name and the black and gold packaging to reflect sophistication and elegance. The coffee has long been marketed as “a coffee named desire”, which is also reflected in their commercials and other advertisements. In fact, some might describe their promotion of their coffee as seductive! Carte Noire remains one of France’s most popular coffee brands today. We have it in ground, whole beans, instant and pods.

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