Eduscho: Good Coffee Has To Be Fresh!

Eduscho Gala CoffeeEduard Schopf began the family business, Eduscho coffee, in 1924 in Germany with this principle uppermost in his mind. Because mail was the quickest way to reach a lot of customers, Eduscho began as one of the earliest mail order business. Eventually the business had stores in all major German cities and in bakeries, and the brand catapulted into a national presence. Around the turn of this century, Eduscho was acquired by Tchibo and expanded into Europe – Slovakia, Poland, Austria and Britain. When the company launched Cafissimo, it was the first single-serving coffee system in Germany, able to prepare 3 coffee specialties using just one machine.

We have two of Eduscho’s top sellers: Gala Nr 1 ground and Gala Mild ground coffee. Try these coffees for a real European coffee experience.