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2014_Windmill and Tulips

What comes to mind when you think of The Netherlands? Because The Netherlands is home to Douwe Egberts, we think of great coffee. There are also clogs, canals and windmills, of course! Across Holland, the second Saturday and Sunday in May find the Dutch celebrating National (Wind)Mill Day (which has grown into a weekend from its popularity). For centuries, windmills were a key part of the economy. Windmills were originally used to mill grain for food. Windmill machinery in the modern world often provides a way of generating electricity or is used to pump water for drainage and groundwater extraction. Of the 10,000 windmills operating in The Netherlands in 1850, about 950 are still standing, often run these days by volunteers. While the Landelijke Molendag is celebrated in The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe also celebrate the impact of windmills around this same time of year. What’s the best way to see the windmills? Why on a bike, of course – yet another Dutch icon!

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