Introducing BRAVO Coffee from Douwe Egberts Greece

Bravo began as a coffee brand in 1923 when the Samourkas family opened 2 traditional coffee shops in the heart of Athens. When cousin Dimitris  2014_BRAVO Coffeeestablished the Brazilian coffee branch of the family business in the 50’s, Bravo became the name in Greek coffee. One Bravo store boasted the largest coffee grinder in the country as well a new device, the automatic packaging machine. By packing coffee in tins, the company developed a reputation for the highest quality coffee and high sales of the coffee followed. In 1980, Bravo developed the innovative air-tight package for coffee, and were the only ones packing coffee that way. The company slogan “BRAVO, that’s what coffee is” went on to be a Greek advertising success story. When Douwe Egberts acquired the company in 1995, the Bravo coffee tradition was preserved and continues up to today. We have Bravo ground coffee in ½ pound and full pound sizes. The light roast is made for use in a Turkish coffee pot.