Empty Jars Foil Coffee Store Thefts for a Time

A grocery store branch in Blackpool England, after losing jars of instant coffee to shoplifters, resorted to putting empty jars of instant coffee on the shelves. After a month or so, another branch of the grocer did the same thing. Shoppers were told that they would get a full jar at the cash register when they paid. When a patron tweeted out a picture of the empty jars, Twitter lit up, including some tweets from a district manager who wanted to know which stores were doing it.

2014_UK Instant Shelves Empty

Per the grocer, this is not a company policy, but store workers say they lose “quite a bit” of coffee from theft. The fuss on Twitter ended with full jars back on the shelves just last week. (We always have full jars on display and for sale on www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com! Check us out.)