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Instant Coffee first came into commercial existence in the early 1900’s when an English chemist named George C. Washington created what he called a ‘refined soluble coffee.’ He hit upon the idea when he was living in Guatemala and saw dried coffee deposits on the lip of his coffee pot. He began experimenting and eventually produced a dried coffee crystal named Red E Coffee. During World War I, instant coffee became popular, especially among soldiers in the trenches. Eventually, other companies began producing various types of instant coffee: liquid, crystallized, coffee mixed with carbohydrates, freeze-dried and spray-dried.

Over the years, the taste of instant coffees has been up for debate. It is probably why instant coffee has gotten a bad rap in North America, despite being found on all grocery store shelves with literally thousands of tons a year being sold. In Europe, though, many brands of instant coffee are premium quality products. Those same Europeans who buy and drink instant also buy and drink brewed coffee.

Because Enjoy Better Coffee, Inc sells European instant coffee, we have many of the most popular brands from France, Germany, the UK, Poland, Austria and of course, the Netherlands, where Douwe Egberts is produced.

Douwe Egberts, one of our premier coffee makers, produces several types of instant coffee, including the extremely popular Dutch staple Aroma Rood; we also have instant Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence and Pure Decaf. Made in Europe for the European market, these coffees are full of flavor and are so convenient. Try an instant cappuccino or a 3-in-1 instant with the cream and sugar already added. We think you will be surprised by their full flavors.

We also carry several instant drink products that are fabulous coffee substitutes, good for any time of day or night: Leroux Instant Chicory, Ricore Instant and Pero Instant drinks.

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