Everything You Wanted to Know About Coffee Capsules, Pods and Cartridges But Were Afraid To Ask

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We get a lot of questions about our coffee pods, capsules and cartridges so we are devoting this week to try to clear up any confusion.

Let’s start with some key dates in Europe’s single-serve coffee history.

1988 – The first single serve coffee machine, the Nespresso system, becomes a business success. Within a couple years, Nespresso machines are sold in Europe; other contracts with Krups, Phillips, Siemens and De’Longhi were soon signed.

1989 – Lavazza sells the Espresso Point machine using capsules.

2001 – Senseo obtains a patent for coffee pods that can be used in multiple machines.

2003 – Lavazza debuts the BLUE machine (“Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso”), mostly used in business and vending machines initially.

(NOTE: K-Cups are not included in this list as the product is for US distribution only.)

As you can see, the single-serve coffee machines have been around for a while. It is only in this last decade that the market exploded with choices and flavors and styles.

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What goes where?

Coffee Pods:  Neat and Biodegradable 

We have 2 types of coffee pods: Coffee Pods for Senseo type coffee makers and Pods for Espresso makers. Senseo pods work with Senseo coffee machines, or machines compatible with Senseo.Senseo pods

You can find a huge selection of our Senseo pods from the left menu on our home page. Try Medium roast or Dark roast, Brazil or Columbian roast or espresso or decaf. We have other brands of coffee in pods that can be used in Senseo machines. Check out our selection of Dallmayr and Carte Noire coffee pods. All our different pods are listed under the Coffee Pods page under Coffee By Type on the bottom left side menu of our website.

Capsules:  Coffee the Easy Way!

Coffee machines that use capsules of ground coffee have been around since Nespresso debuted its innovative coffee maker in the 80’s. The earliest systems were considered closed, so that only one brand of capsule worked in brand’s machines. More recently, Lavazza, Espresso Point and others have created open systems, which mean that the coffee machines use generic capsules that are not tied to any single company.

Coffee Capsules are usually single-serve coffee packed into either plastic or aluminum packages. We have several different sorts of capsules:

  • Nespresso – We have a large selection of coffee in Nespresso-compatible capsules
  • Lavazza Espresso Point – We have Caffe Vergnano, Lavazza and Pellini coffees available for this machine
  • Lavazza Blue (“Best Lavazza Ultimate Espresso”) – We have 6 espresso versions for this machine
  • Segafredo – We have 3 types of Segafredo espresso capsules plus a decaffeinated version

2014_Capsule Nespresso2014_Capsule Espresso Point

2014_Capsule Blue2014_Capsule Segafredo

These capsules are not interchangeable! Be sure to read the capsule descriptions to make sure that you are ordering the capsules you need for the type of machine you have. We know that coffee capsules can be confusing! Remember that coffee pods are different from, and are not interchangeable with, any sort of capsule. Just take a deep breath – and double check your order. Please call if you want us to help you figure out what you need.

All our different capsules are listed under the Coffee Capsules page under Coffee By Type on the bottom left side menu of our website.

Espresso:  Just For Espresso Machines2014_Hausbrandt Espresso Pods

We have another type of coffee pod designed for certain espresso machines. The coffee in these pods is specifically selected, roasted and packaged for espresso machines, so the pods are somewhat smaller and the coffee is pressed tightly in the pod.

We have several brands of these pods/capsules including Hausbrandt Espresso Pods, Caffe Vergnano 1882 Espresso Capsules as well as a variety of their extremely popular Nespresso capsules and Kimbo and Segafredo roasts in pods or capsules.



Italian Coffee at EnjoyBetterCoffee.com

2014_Table cup and logItalians have loved coffee since it first arrived at the port of Trieste in the 16th century. Italians drink coffee first thing in the morning, after lunch, at work and then after dinner. Coffee is an art in Italy, especially and most notably, with espresso. In Italy, the coffee shop, known as the coffee ‘bar’, is extremely popular too! Making perfect espresso is a key skill in the bars.

We have a huge selection of coffee by historic Italian brands. We’ve included a brief overview below to help you decide which one is for you. This week, you can try any of these and get 10% off orders of $30 or more on www.EnjoyBetterCoffee.com.*

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Check out our Italian Coffee Selection:

Caffe Trombetta — Gold Bar is soft with a full-bodied taste; Red Bar is rich, strong and creamy. Both are available in whole beans.

Caffe Vergnano – In addition to espresso, this great brand offers drip coffee with 100% Arabica beans.  We have regular and decaffeinated in whole beans.

Illy — With origins in Trieste, this coffee is always rich, full-bodied with a velvet texture.

Intenso — The Intenso range of coffees covers all the Italian great drinks. From espresso to cappuccino to classic breakfast coffee, there is something for everyone in this collection. We also have espresso capsules and Nespresso capsules, along with ground and whole beans.

Kimbo — Napoletano, Antica Tradizione and Aroma Gold exemplify the great Neapolitan coffee tradition for which Italy is famous. Kimbo has a range of espresso too.

Lavazza — “The coffee of Wimbledon” is all about aroma, quality and excellence. One of the first companies to mix coffee of different origins to create blends that taste delicious, Lavazza offers regular and espresso options.

Pellini — Quality is the utmost priority for Pellini, from their quality control to a tasters panel to Kosher certification, Pellini offers some of the best Italian coffee you will ever taste.

Sant Eustachio — In addition to espresso, Sant Eustachio offers Moka and Filtro coffee blends for a flavorful cup. Sant Eustachio is known for its wood roasting of coffee beans.

Segafredo — This company is a leading Italian espresso producer. Try any of their espresso for a truly Italian coffee experience.

Hausbrandt – Although the founder of the brand was Austrian, he opened a coffee roasting business in Trieste. The founder, a merchant marine, is known for his innovation with transport and storage of coffee to keep it fresh.

New Products from Carte Noire

We now carry two of Carte Noire’s Espresso Collection: Espresso Delicat and Espresso Aromatique.2014_Carte Noire Espresso Pods 5_7

Espresso Delicat is silky with fruit tones, making a mild and gentle espresso. It is intensity #5 (out of 10). Espresso Aromatique is more complex, with notes of nut, caramel and chocolate. It is intensity #7.

These espresso pods work only in Nespresso coffee machines. Online reviews rate both blends as outstanding. If you like espresso, you will certainly want to try one of these from the Carte Noire Espresso Collection.

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Have you ever heard of Parents’ Day? During the 1920’s and 1930’s, there was a movement in the U.S. to combine Mother’s Day and Father’s Day into a shared celebration of both parents. Interestingly, while Mother’s Day was growing quickly in popularity, Father’s Day, seemingly only for gift-giving, struggled with an image problem. It was after WWII that advertisers were able to position Father’s Day as a way to honor troops and support the war effort that Father’s Day then took off. President Richard Nixon made Father’s Day an official holiday in 1972, and Parents’ Day never materialized. Today is Father’s Day so to all fathers: Enjoy your own special day!

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Jacobs Coffee On Sale Through Wednesday

2014_Coffee Roses and logo

Oh, my luve’s like a red, red rose / That’s newly sprung in June;

Oh, my luve’s like the melodie / That’s sweetly played in tune.

–Robert Burns (Scottish poet, 1759-1796)


EnjoyBetterCoffee.com has all the great European coffees – just as you would find traveling around Europe. Our coffee is made for European consumers, so the flavor profiles are slightly deeper than coffee made for the U.S. market. This week, we are putting the spotlight on a great German coffee producer, Jacobs, with a discount available on all Jacobs products.

2014_Jacobs Kronung banner


Jacobs is a German coffee producer that started in the business almost 120 years ago. As one of the earliest of commercial coffee roasters, Johann Jacobs spent decades honing his roasting methods with the benefit of his exceptional sense of taste. Not surprisingly, Jacobs coffee has a wonderful aroma and flavor. Today, Jacobs is available around the world and remains the best-selling brand in Germany. We have Jacobs coffee in ground, whole beans and instant. Their most popular blend, Krönung (labeled as Monarch in some countries), comes in a Mild version too. For a quick coffee break during the day give their gourmet instant coffees Krönung or Cronat Gold a try.

Don’t miss out on a great discount for this great brand: We are offering 10% off all Jacobs coffees with no minimum order.*

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