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2014_Table cup and logItalians have loved coffee since it first arrived at the port of Trieste in the 16th century. Italians drink coffee first thing in the morning, after lunch, at work and then after dinner. Coffee is an art in Italy, especially and most notably, with espresso. In Italy, the coffee shop, known as the coffee ‘bar’, is extremely popular too! Making perfect espresso is a key skill in the bars.

We have a huge selection of coffee by historic Italian brands. We’ve included a brief overview below to help you decide which one is for you. This week, you can try any of these and get 10% off orders of $30 or more on*

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Check out our Italian Coffee Selection:

Caffe Trombetta — Gold Bar is soft with a full-bodied taste; Red Bar is rich, strong and creamy. Both are available in whole beans.

Caffe Vergnano – In addition to espresso, this great brand offers drip coffee with 100% Arabica beans.  We have regular and decaffeinated in whole beans.

Illy — With origins in Trieste, this coffee is always rich, full-bodied with a velvet texture.

Intenso — The Intenso range of coffees covers all the Italian great drinks. From espresso to cappuccino to classic breakfast coffee, there is something for everyone in this collection. We also have espresso capsules and Nespresso capsules, along with ground and whole beans.

Kimbo — Napoletano, Antica Tradizione and Aroma Gold exemplify the great Neapolitan coffee tradition for which Italy is famous. Kimbo has a range of espresso too.

Lavazza — “The coffee of Wimbledon” is all about aroma, quality and excellence. One of the first companies to mix coffee of different origins to create blends that taste delicious, Lavazza offers regular and espresso options.

Pellini — Quality is the utmost priority for Pellini, from their quality control to a tasters panel to Kosher certification, Pellini offers some of the best Italian coffee you will ever taste.

Sant Eustachio — In addition to espresso, Sant Eustachio offers Moka and Filtro coffee blends for a flavorful cup. Sant Eustachio is known for its wood roasting of coffee beans.

Segafredo — This company is a leading Italian espresso producer. Try any of their espresso for a truly Italian coffee experience.

Hausbrandt – Although the founder of the brand was Austrian, he opened a coffee roasting business in Trieste. The founder, a merchant marine, is known for his innovation with transport and storage of coffee to keep it fresh.