Coffee Shop Thwarts WiFi

Coffee shops have long struggled with issues of customers taking up table space while abusing access to the shop’s WiFi. Some shops no longer offer WiFi, while others ban phones and computers. Now a pop-up coffee shop in Vancouver has had a Faraday Cage incorporated into the café design to actually block wireless signals. The building designer for the Faraday Café stated that the material used is quite beautiful, reflecting light and shadow. The owner hopes that even those people glued to their electronic devices like the idea of no signals and see the shop as a refuge from the constant electronic activities. The event was only a temporary installation, but we may start seeing this sort of thing more regularly!

2014_Faraday Cafe


4 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Thwarts WiFi

  1. Robert O

    I am an IT professional and spend all day, 5 days a week working on tech. I have to say the idea of the Faraday Cafe is very appealing to me! When I go to my local coffee shop, it is to disconnect from tech and reconnect with a good cup of coffee, and perhaps a good friend or a good book.


  2. Stephen Eng

    Hey Katie,
    Interesting post! Doing work at the cafe has been a large part of coffee culture and the experience for so long, and nowadays that requires a wireless connection. However they do bring up a good point as we become more and more reliant on staying connected on our devices.


    1. Hi Stephen,
      It is interesting to me how many people are interested in this story, and that was my thought when I noticed the interest: We are more and more attached to our devices. And, more and more people are reacting to that. I personally have noticed that often there is an age difference among hard-core users and less-connected users. I also recently met someone who eschews all social media and doesn’t own a smart phone, a gal in her 30’s. Thanks for the comment.


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